Taking your data strategy to the next level

In the modern age, data should be a cornerstone of every organisation. A sound data strategy will allow you to evaluate the effect of policy, the (changing) demands of customers, the bottle-necks in your processes, and much, much more. Because of this, the possibilities of data can seem overwhelming. This could be uncertainty where to start, how to turn your data goals into reality or to keep on innovating and updating a data strategy currently in place.

To assist your organisation in making data a core concept of your operation, Apadana offers a number of services that can take your data strategy to the next level. Whether hosting broad brainstorm sessions to determine new avenues of growth, hosting masterclasses to get all members of your team on-board of your data strategy or hiring us in an interim fashion to realise your data goals: Apadana offers a wide variety of options to fit your needs.

Apadana offers a number of services to turn your data goals into reality

Brainstorm Sessions

Brainstorm sessions can serve a number of purposes. They can be used to identify new areas where data analysis could be relevant for your organisation or to determine the best operationalisation of an already known goal. Apadana provides a fresh and creative data perspectives to your organisation and dependent on your organisation's needs, Apadana tailors sessions specifically to accommodate your goals.


There are a number of areas where Apadana can provide expert educational services. Our masterclasses are primarily focused on statistical analysis and moving forward in constructing models given a certain business question. In addition, we can facilitate masterclasses on specific topics like database management, machine learning techniques, making static models compatible with dynamic data and many more.

Public Speaking

Apadana also offers speaking arrangement on topics surrounding data. The mixed academic background and broad interests that are characteristic for Apadana ensure we can participate in a number of events, ranging from participants at debates to member of a jury for datathons/hackathons or keynote speaker at data-related events. We have had presences on TV, radio and as panelist/speaker at both large and intimate events.

Interim Services

Apadana also offers part-time interim services to clients who want to develop their data potential fast and as a fundamental part of your business going forward. Through diversity in academic and business background and exceptionally strong communicative skills, hiring our services on an interim service will guarantee that a solid data strategy is fast forwarded. Our interim commitments are part-time.