What is Apadana?

Apadana is a Data Science consulting firm focused on improving decision-making and harvesting insights through robust, fact-based analysis. Apadana is more than just another Data Science company and provides a creative and broad perspective to quantitative analysis that is grounded in combining insights from various educational and professional backgrounds. A broad perspective and ability to communicate across disciplines are core skills that Apadana champions beyond robust statistical analysis, skills that set Apadana apart from its competition.

At our firm, like the Apadanas of old — large, columned audience halls found in ancient Persia — many different perspectives are voiced, heard and used. In a nutshell, Apadana goes beyond ‘just Data Science’ and produces analyses that stem from a broad base of knowledge and expertise, essential for insights that can truly inform and improve decision-making and lead to groundbreaking insights.

What does Apadana do?

Apadana provides expert advice and services to help your organisation take the appropriate next step in your data strategy. Whether first starting to examine the possibilities of data for your organisation or requiring an expert opinion on long-standing data strategies, Apadana can provide tailor-made approaches for your organisation’s data goals.

The services Apadana provides range from business cases on a project-by-project basis to academic collaborations and interim commitments to unlock new data potential as an actual member of your team. Apadana further provides a number of services like brainstorms, workshops and masterclasses in order for your organisation to take control of your data goals. Broadly speaking, Apadana’s services can be divided in the following three domains.

Business Cases

Apadana provides expert advice on how to improve decision-making within your firm. Our services include i): the discovery of data potential within your business, ii): data audits to evaluate existing data practices and provide pointers for improvement, and iii): extensive model-building and statistical analysis using state-of-the-art techniques. Our services range from assistance and expertise for clients with no prior data strategy to advanced analytics departments.


Academic Projects

At Apadana, academics play a central role in providing fresh perspectives. It exposes us to the latest technological developments, but also ensures our methodological rigidity is of the highest order. Current collaborations include top universities like the University of Oxford and the Blavatnik School of Government and research institutes like the AHTI. Past collaborations have included, among others, the AIGHD and TU Delft. We also pursue personal academic goals.


Interim / Events

Whether a commercial enterprise, think tank or academic institution, many organisations struggle to make quantitative analyses a core component of their operation which can inform decision-making. Apadana guides enterprises in making steps towards their data goals through a number of interim services, including the management of analyst teams but also by hosting workshops, brainstorm sessions and masterclasses. We frequently speak on events or feature on panels.

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Who is behind Apadana?

Apadana is founded and managed by Mark Verhagen. Born and raised in Amsterdam, Mark has completed graduate degrees with the highest distinction in both Econometrics (University of Amsterdam) and Sociology (University of Oxford), as well as undergraduate degrees in Art History and Econometrics and minors in Philosophy and Economics (all University of Amsterdam). Mark has participated and managed numerous Data Science projects and set up multiple firms and organisations, ranging from Data Science consulting firms to a not-for-profit, student-run organisation that helps cultural enterprises and NGO’s with analysing data. At present, Mark divides his time between academic collaborations and helping business partners realise their data goals.

The majority of Mark’s work at Apadana is in close collaboration with other professionals, in line with Apadana’s core value of interaction with different perspectives. At present, the majority of Apadana’s projects have been completed in small team contexts.

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